Bondage Toys

DIY (Do It Yourself) bondage isn’t a very good idea – especially for beginners. Neckties and rope might work for erotic stories, but they don’t translate well to an actual bedroom. Necktie knots can tighten and slip during sex, making it easy for them to cut off your circulation. And a real rope can cause burns and chafing in delicate spots if you’re not careful. It’s safer, healthier and much less embarrassing to stick with specially designed bondage toys whenever possible.

What are Bondage toys?

Bondage toys are any sex toys related to BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism), including handcuffs, blindfolds, gags, paddles and nipple clamps. Bondage toys focus on control, either taking it or giving it up. That can mean giving your partner a spanking or allowing them to tie you up in bed. If you want to spice up your sex life with a little kinky fun, then bondage sex toys are just what your master ordered.

How to find the best bondage toys

There are plenty of great bondage toys for you to try, including many specially designed for bondage beginners. Here are a few examples of bondage toys, their use, advantage and inconvenience.

Kinky Bondage Clothing

       Use: Getting in a kinky bondage mood

       Advantage: Bondage-themed lingerie. Some include built-in restraints.

       Inconvenience: Skin-tight, and limited color options.

Kinky Bondage Kits

         Use: Experimenting with bondage.

        Advantage: Comes with multiple types of bondage toys.

        Inconvenience: Include toys you might not want to try.

Restraints and Handcuffs

          Use: used in dominating your partner or submitting to your partner.

           Advantage: Tieing you or your lover up.

            Inconvenience: Requires a partner.

Kinky Blindfolds and Gags

            Use: Spicing up foreplay.

           Advantage: Sensory deprivation.

          Inconvenience: Need a creative & playful imagination to get the most out of them.

Nipple Clamps

          Use: Nipple stimulation.

           Advantage: Pinches & squeezes your nipples.

           Inconvenience: Can be hard to balance pleasure & pain.

Paddles and Whips

         Use: Punishing your partner for being bad.

         Advantage: Spanking & teasing your partner.

         Inconvenience: Not everyone likes getting spanked.

How to buy bondage toys

Here's some other things you need to know about bondage toys before hitting the Add to Cart button.

Start with a Bondage Kit.
If you don't know a lot about bondage toys, then a kit is the best place to start. Kinky bondage kits typically include several different types of bondage sex toys like restraints, whips and blindfolds. This lets you experiment with the different aspects of BDSM so you can find what you like.

Plan your bondage toy budget.
There are bondage toys out there for all types of budgets. Basic bondage toys like blindfolds and wrist restraints tend to be on the lower end of the price scale. Bondage toys made from leather or material tend to cost more.

Make sure your bondage toy fits your bed.
Most bondage toys are straps and ropes that you can tie to your bed. That might be a problem if your headboard doesn't have anything you can tie them to. In that case, look for a single-piece restraint kit that slips around your mattress.

How to Use bondage toys

It's easy to get carried away during bondage, which is why safety is such an important element. Learn how you can use your kinky bondage toys responsibly with these tips.

Talk it over with your partner first.
Before trying bondage toys, it's important to talk about your plans with your partner. Make sure both of you are comfortable with everything you want to try.

Pick a safe word.
Some people borrow from traffic lights - using "yellow" when they feel uncomfortable and "red" when they want to stop. Others pick something unusual like "rhino."

Make sure you can get out.
Beginner bondage toys are designed for easy removal. Most restraints use Velcro, while handcuffs might come with an emergency release in case you lose the keys.

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